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In Wide Web, printing cylinders are used to print large quantities of advertising materials such as banners, posters, signs, but also for printing labels, stickers, packaging, and other products. Printing cylinders are essential in the production of wallpapers, carpets, fabrics, and other textile products.

With the development of printing technologies, printing cylinders are becoming increasingly advanced. Thanks to the use of new technologies and materials, it is possible to achieve increasingly precise and detailed graphics, as well as prints with increasing durability and resistance to external factors.

The selection of the appropriate printing cylinder is crucial for achieving the best print quality. Printers must choose the appropriate size and type of cylinder, as well as the appropriate type of printing form, to achieve the desired effects. Therefore, they must be well acquainted with the various types of printing cylinders and the techniques of their configuration and use.

In summary, printing cylinders are an essential element in the printing industry. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain precise and durable prints that attract the attention of recipients. Rotometal, following the path of innovation and development, has started producing sleeve type printing cylinders and anilox base cylinders for the wide format range.

We invite you to cooperate and equip your printing machines with Rotometal products.


rotoSLEEVE ECO Antistatic Print Cylinder

New product. Ecological and antistatic. A combination of our innovative solutions.

rotoSLEEVE Anilox Base

We use high-quality materials to meet all customer requirements.

rotoSLEEVE Antistatic Print Cylinder

Antistatic. Ideal for flammable, conductive, or solvent-based inks.

rotoSLEEVE ECO Print Cylinder

Eco-friendly. They contain natural substances and PET from recycling (rPET).

rotoSLEEVE Glass Fibre Print Cylinder

Proven. Successfully used in narrow web and recommended by our customers.

rotoSLEEVE Hydrophobic Print Cylinder

Hydrophobic. For water-based and UV inks where high dimensional stability and print quality are required.


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