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ECO CRO Sleeves GF print cylinders

Our ECO Composite Cylinders are manufactured using materials that are naturally derived as well as those that come from recycling (rPET).

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Warranty: 18 months
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A positive change towards ecology.

ECO CRO Sleeves GF print cylinders are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to the standard CRO Sleeve GF print cylinder. Our ECO Composite Cylinders are manufactured using materials that are naturally derived as well as those that come from recycling (rPET). It’s a perfect marriage of traditional production methods and environmentally friendly materials.



  • Energy-saving material, option of different hardnesses for the outer layer.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant, resistant to elevated temperatures and humidity
  • High elasticity, vibration damping capacity, tensile strength, self-extinguishing and electro-insulating properties
  • Simple design for easy installation on an air mandrel
  • Durable inner core
  • Significantly reduced weight means the machine is less stressed, which reduces the operational costs
  • Lightweight sleeve cylinder is made for easy handling and problem-free mounting on the printing machine
  • Positive environmental impact due to rPET recycled materials used in production
  • Use of plant-based materials- one of the latest developments in green chemistry
  • High print quality and accuracy


Technical details

Base layer

  • Epoxy resin reinforced with Glass fibre based on a bisphenol F.
  • Vulkollan - a polyurethane elastomer with an excellent shape memory, which allows it to quickly return to its original state


Volume layer

  • Lightweight 3D core material with honeycomb structure made from 100% rPET (recycled PET material)


Outer layer

  • We use a high-performance bio-epoxy resin with 28% plant-derived molecular structure - one of the latest developments in green chemistry reinforced with glass fibre with a hardness of 80-90 Shore D
  • Polyester resin with reduced styrene emissivity reinforced with glass fibre, hardness 70-80 Shore D


Factors improving product life

Special lock

  • Milled
  • Glued-in
  • Fastening elements are concealed under the protective rubber


Protective rubber

  • Outer diameter perfectly matched
  • High mechanical resistance


Before being dispatched to the customer, each product is checked by our Quality Control Department for compliance with the technical drawing and accepted in-house standards - a structured inspection scheme.


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