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Magnetic Cylinders Die-cutting Technique

The use of the highest quality materials and the most modern CNC machines, which combined with many years of...

Print Cylinders Printing tools

Produced with the highest precision thanks to the latest CNC machines.

ANTIFRICTION Print Cylinders Printing tools

ANTIFRICTION is a breakthrough solution that optimizes the friction properties and smoothness of the coating.

CRO Sleeve GF Print Cylinders Printing tools

Composite Rotometal Sleeves Glass Fibre (CRO) are ultra-light Printing Cylinders.

Air Cylinders Printing tools

Air cylinders with an air adapter for applying rubber sleeves and sleeve printing cylinders. This solution allows you...

Anvil Cylinders Die-cutting tools

Anvil cylinders made of hardened tool steel. In order to achieve the highest manufacturing accuracy, these cylinders...

Gears Accessories for printing

We supply a variety of gears which are typically produced from steel, although other materials are also available.

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One of the largest producers of magnetic and printing cylinders in Europe.

Long-lasting customer relationships

We are a trustworthy partner you can rely on

Commitment to development and innovative technologies

Based on our many years of experience, we are constantly looking for and developing innovative solutions.

Caring about customer satisfaction

We deliver a high level of customer satisfaction by offering products tailored to their individual needs.

Own design office

We have our own design office equipped with modern computer software that supports our production processes.

Modern CNC machines

We manufacture the cylinders for printing machines in our facility that is approximately 5000 m2. We have the most modern CNC machines so we can guarantee the highest quality.

Short lead times

With our modern machine park, in-house hardening shop, in-house production of gear wheels, and a three-shift work system we can offer standard tools with short waiting times!

Precision of performance

Each element of our cylinders is characterized by high quality and great attention to detail. We take care of every detail to guarantee our clients the highest quality of their product.

Maintaining the highest quality at every stage of production

We know that the quality obtained cannot be the result of random actions. Only a planned and conscientiously implemented policy aimed at maintaining a high and unchanging level of product manufacture at every stage of production will work.

Prizes and awards

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