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Sheeters (cross-cutters)

Sheeters (cross-cutters) Rotometal
Sheeters for perforating, notching and cross-cutting. The tool is supplied with replaceable additional hardened blades.

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Warranty: 12 months
Production lead time: up to 10 working days



We offer sheeters for perforating, notching and cross-cutting. The tool is delivered with additional replaceable hardened blades. The number of blades and their arrangement are adjusted to the customer's needs.



  • Body made of high-quality steel
  • High precision of the entire sheeter ensures perfect operation during customer production processes
  • Quick and easy replacement of blades
  • High cutting and perforation quality
  • Cylinders for slitting, cross-cutting and perforating
  • Two types of interchangeable blades available - for cutting or for perforation
  • Arrangement of blades adapted to customer requirements


Additional options: gears  – 6th class: ground and hardened; standard. 


Before being dispatched to the customer, each product is checked by our Quality Control Department for compliance with the technical drawing and accepted in-house standards - a structured inspection scheme.


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