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Rotoset control

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Rotoset control Rotometal
Pressure gauges to regulate and monitor cutting pressure for rotary cutting tools. These ensure an efficient and controlled process for all cutting, notching or perforation tasks.

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This easy-to-use system allows machine operators to monitor the force applied to the punching tools on easy-to-read gauges. The height of the set screw can be easily adjusted immediately after changing jobs with the quick-latch system. The working range of the manometer is max 160 bar. To meet our customers' expectations, it is possible to use pressure gauges with a reading in kN (max 12.5 kN)

We can supply a gauge system that can be retrofitted to most die cutting stations.


  • Available for most machines
  • Various designs depending on the type of machine
  • Reduces wear and damage to cylinders and flexible dies caused by the application of excessive pressure

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