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Rotoset control

Rotoset Control is a pressure gauge that allows tools to be adjusted so that work is carried out with a high degree of accuracy despite the passage of time and production processes.

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Warranty: 12 months
Production lead time: up to 10 working days



Rotoset Control - a pressure gauge for adjusting and monitoring the cutting pressure for rotary cutting tools ensures an efficient and controlled process for all cutting and notching or perforating tasks. Rotoset Control allows uniform adjustment with very high precision on both sides of the cylinder pressure. A pressure gauge from Rotometal allows you to extend the useful life of your cutting or perforating tools by keeping them in continuous and stable operation. 

We offer the assistance of our design engineers in machine design changes when installing Rotoset Control.


Use:  Precision measuring tool for checking cylinder clamping force.



  • Extends the life of cylinders by keeping them running consistently and steadily
  • Available for most machines
  • Different designs depending on machine type
  • Precision manufactured product


Before dispatch to the customer, each product is checked by our Inspection Department for compliance with the technical drawing and according to accepted in-house standards - a structured inspection scheme.


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