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Magnetic Cylinders

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The use of the highest quality materials and the most modern CNC machines, which combined with many years of experience guarantees you the highest quality and precision of workmanship.

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Our Magnetic cylinders are manufactured to a high quality standard that assures accuracy and consistency of the final product. Body made from nonmagnetic stainless steel provides an excellent protection against corrosion, does not deprive the strength of magnet power and enables high and equal adhesion of flexible die during use. Bearers made from high quality tool steel hardened above 60 HRC ensure long term and trouble-free performance. Optimum grip of flexible die is obtained by using ferrite magnets. For special jobs and better adhesion, strong neodymium magnets are recommended as an alternative or additional option. The light weight of the magnetic roll is also possible when the body is made from aluminum or is hollow inside. Minimum gap size tolerances guarantee the highest precision of cutting.

Technical Details

  • The cylinder body is made of high-quality, non-magnetic stainless steel for long-term corrosion protection
  • Hardened bearers for hardness over 60 HRC ensure long life during use high punch adherence due to the use of special ferrite magnets to increase the attraction force it is possible to use neodymium magnets
  • Possibility of using die positioning pins
  • At the customer's request, to reduce weight, the body can be made of aluminum or hollow inside
  • Also available in a version with hidden magnets, a body made of aluminum or stainless steel
  • Possibility of cylinder regeneration
  • An auxiliary line on the body to facilitate the assembly of the punch
  • Possibility to install pins for additional protection against displacement of the die precision - axial runout at +/- 0.003 mm cylinder regeneration option
  • Fast delivery time


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