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Bases for Rubber Coated Cylinders

Bases for Rubber Coated Cylinders Rotometal
Bases for rubber cylinders made with the utmost precision and care using the most modern CNC machines.

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Warranty: 12 months
Production lead time: up to 10 working days



We offer bases for rubber cylinders. The bases are made with great precision thanks to the use of the latest machines. We also guarantee the high quality of the raw material from which the cylinders are made. All products are tailored to customer requirements and OEM guidelines.


Use: For endless printing, varnishing



  • High precision of workmanship
  • High quality of the raw material from which the bases for rubber cylinders are made
  • The bases are made according to the clients' requirements


Before shipment to the customer, each product is checked by our Control Department for compliance with the technical drawing and according to the adopted internal standards - a systematic control scheme.


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