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CRO Sleeve Print Cylinders

Composite Rotometal Sleeves (CRO) are modern, ultra-light Printing Cylinders. 


Using the latest composite production techniques, we produce our sleeves from the composite itself or composite with an aluminum layer. This allows the use of other materials such as PET, Polyurethane, Polyester or very durable epoxy resins.

Technical Details

Layers responsible for the behavior of the sleeves during application on the mandrel:

Base layer 

  • Made of glass material and epoxy resin
  • High thermal resistance
  • High dimensional stability
  • The possibility of placing additional information inside


Compensating layer

  • Vulkollan,extremely resistant and resilient
  • Fast shape recovery, up to 60% energy return
  • Protected with a layer of reinforced resin


Layers responsible for weight reduction and surface life:

Volume layer

  • Honeycomb, PET or XPS materials
  • High thermal and chemical resistance
  • Closed volume - less resin
  • Reduction of weight


Outer layer 

  • Glass material saturated with colored resin
  • Possibility of making any color
  • High hardness 80-90ShD and dimensional stability
  • High mechanical resistance



Improvement of product life

Special lock

  • Milled
  • Fixed using adhesive
  • The fasteners hide under protective rubber

Safety rubber

  • Outer diameter perfectly matched
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Aluminum products can be protected


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