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rotoGAP - Adjusted Anvil System

rotoGAP is an adjustable Anvil Cylinder that allows precise adaptation of the gap between Anvil and the Magnetic Cylinder , guaranteeing the highest possible quality of the punching process.

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Warranty: 12 months
Production lead time: to be agreed



Thanks to the use of rotoGAP, the gap can be  adapted depending on the variables. These can include die wear, quality and thickness of the substrate or other variables that may adversely affect the quality of punching. The control is carried out by means of 2 knobs placed according to your requirements. Each of the knobs independently controls one of the tracks, adjusting the gap for the best punching quality. rotoGAP can successfully replace an existing Anvil cylinder, making the work easier and more efficient.


RAG System includes

  • rotoGAP Anvil Cylinder
  • Support cylinder
  • Control knobs with indicator



  • The ability to replace your current Anvil
  • The gap can be adjusted every 0.5 µm
  • Adjustment range +/- 100 µm
  • Adjustment range ± 0.1 mm
  • Adjustment for each side of the cylinder both during standstill and during operation
  • Extended cylinder and die life, possibility to continue precise cylinder operation by reducing the gap
  • Possibility to work with various material thicknesses, including thin films which require high precision cutting
  • Possibility to set cut-through or kisscut on the same tool
  • No overheating problems and stable operation at speeds of up to 180 m/min
  • Independent adjustment on both sides
  • Positive environmental impact - less frequent cylinder replacements
  • Reduces machines’ tooling and service times to a minimum
  • rotoGAP assembly is possible without modifying the blanking section
  • Easy access to lubrication nipples, grease is used for lubrication


Before being dispatched to the customer, each product is checked by our Quality Control Department for compliance with the technical drawing and accepted in-house standards - a structured inspection scheme.


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