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Start News Transforming the Print and Packaging Industry: A Green Revolution through Collaboration

Transforming the Print and Packaging Industry: A Green Revolution through Collaboration

In a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability, industries are called upon to revolutionize their practices. The print and packaging industry, traditionally associated with environmental concerns, is undergoing a green transformation. This blog post delves into the significance of collaboration with cutting-edge green technology partners in reducing the industry's environmental impact while fostering innovation.

The Imperative for Change:

As the world embraces a green revolution, businesses must actively contribute to diminishing their environmental footprint. The printing industry is adapting, but continuous improvement is essential. Collaborating with green technology partners is a key strategy to address this challenge, offering a dual benefit of reducing environmental impact and introducing innovative products that differentiate businesses from their competitors.


Eco-Friendly Resin: A Case Study from Rotometal:

Rotometal, a leader in the industry, exemplifies the power of collaboration in their journey towards eco-friendliness. Recognizing the environmental drawbacks of traditional petroleum-based resin used in Wide Web Plate Mounting sleeves, Rotometal engaged in a partnership with green technology leaders. Through shared visions, experimentation, and innovation, they developed a plant-based resin for their Wide Web ECO CRO Sleeves GF and ANTISTATIC. This collaboration resulted in a product that maintains quality and performance while significantly reducing environmental impact.


Revolutionizing Cylinder Layers: The rPET Honeycomb Volumetric Layer:

In another stride towards sustainability, Rotometal and its partners innovated the rPET honeycomb volumetric layer. This layer, crucial for shaping and sizing print cylinders, traditionally consumed large amounts of virgin plastic. Collaborating with suppliers, Rotometal embraced recycled plastic bottles as an alternative material. This breakthrough not only improved the quality and performance of their products but also showcased a reduction in environmental impact. This move reflects the company's proactive approach to environmental responsibility and sets a precedent for the industry.


UV Curing Technology: A Game-Changer for 2023:

The commitment to environmental responsibility did not stop with materials; Rotometal invested in UV curing technology for their new factory in 2023. This technology revolutionizes the production process by swiftly initiating polymerization, ensuring rapid hardening of resins. The game-changing aspect lies in the eco-friendly nature of UV curing, eliminating chemical solvents and reducing carbon emissions and electricity consumption. This aligns with Rotometal's dedication to sustainability, enhancing both product quality and the company's bottom line.


The print and packaging industry's journey towards sustainability is a collaborative effort, as exemplified by Rotometal's initiatives. Through partnerships with green technology leaders, they have not only reduced their environmental impact but have also gained a competitive edge. This proactive approach sets the company apart in a market where eco-friendly solutions are increasingly valued. As we navigate the green revolution, collaboration and innovation prove to be the driving forces behind transformative change in the print and packaging industry.

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