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The benefits of using Print Cylinders

Print cylinders and sleeves are two types of components used in various printing systems, especially in flexography.

They both serve the same function of transferring the inked image onto the substrate, but they have different characteristics and advantages. In this article, we will explain three advantages of using print cylinders. 

  1. Durability and resistance: Print cylinders are made of durable materials, usually aluminum, which makes them resistant to long-term use thanks to the anodized coating. Our print cylinders are even more resistant to damage thanks to their ANTIFRICTION coating.
  2. Precision and stability: If printing requires very high precision, for example in the case of high-resolution printing or color printing with tonal shades, a traditional print cylinder may be more suitable. They have greater rigidity, which allows for stable and accurate printing, especially at high speeds. They provide better control over the accuracy of image transfer.
  3. Faster foam/polymer change: Thanks to our innovative ANTIFRICTION coating that reduces the adhesion of glue on the foam. Changing the foam and polymer is much easier, which allows you to reduce the time needed for replacement to a minimum.

As you can see, print cylinders are durable, resistant, precise, and stable. The ANTIFRICTION coating also allows for faster foam/polymer change. If you want to improve your flexographic printing process, consider using ANTIFRICTION Print Cylinders today. 

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